From tenants for tenants!

From tenants for tenants!
What links seven students from different fields of studies, exercise tools, gyms, sewing machines and trips to Ranua and Ikea? Well the TENANT COMMITTEE! If the tenant committee is unknown to you, keep on reading.

Since the beginning of this year the practices of Domus Arctica’s tenant committees changed a bit. Instead of each living area having their own tenant committee we now have one joint tenant committee for all of the living areas. At the moment there are seven of us and the next tenant committee for the upcoming period (calendar year) will be chosen in the yearly tenants meeting. Every tenant is welcomed to take part in that meeting and this year’s meeting will be held on 8.10. at DAS Kota club room. We highly recommend you to participate even if joining the tenant committee doesn’t interest you. In the meeting each tenant has a vote to influence the assembly of the next tenant committee and who will be the next tenant representatives in the board of Domus Arctica. Representatives from DAS will be joining our tenant meeting also and you will be able to discuss with them about things concerning living in DAS.

Every year the tenant committee is provided a budget from DAS. With that budget we aim to improve DAS tenants’ living comfort by organizing neighbour evenings (previously board game evenings), trips and by having various thing to borrow. This year we have organized board game nights (nowadays neighbour evenings) at the end part of each month on different living areas at a time. Before summer we did a day trip to Ranua zoo and the Ikea trip is coming soon (29.9.)! In the spring time we took part in organizing rock jam event and the popularity of that event was amazing! There were almost a hundred people! The idea of having a rock jam event came from tenants, so it really is worth it to present your ideas to us!

With our budget this year we have updated the common rooms with some small purchases and this updating is still ongoing with some sound equipment and other things to improve comfort and usability. New board games are coming and a new sewing machine has been bought. This year we invested in exercise equipments and bought a large set for all tenants to borrow. There are baseball-, frisbee golf- badminton- and hockey thingies, different balls and snowshoes. The equipments are in “liikuntavälinevarasto” (storage space) in DAS Aapo which can be accessed with a door code at any time.

One big thing we have taken on is updating the gyms and we got a specialized company to do a condition survey on all of them. Based on that survey the gyms will get updated. This updating will be a long-term project which isn’t going to be done in a week or two, it will continue till the next period.

Us tenant committee members would like to hear your ideas and suggestions regarding what kind of events and happenings you’d like us to make happen! Contact information can be found on the das web page Tenant pages -> Tenant activities. An easy way to tell your ideas is to answer to this short and simple survey.

With best wishes, Domus Arctica’s current tenant committee,
Ville, Kaarina, Eva, Matti, Antti, Henna ja Heidi

Upcoming events:
IKEA trip 29.9.
Neighbour night @Rantavitikka 2.10.
Tenant meeting 8.10.

PS. Remember to join your living area’s facebook group! (DAS Rantavitikka/Anninportti/Asemarinne/Kuntotie)

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