What are the benefits of the smart keys?

In the buildings of Rantavitikka Jukola and Vellikellot the smart keys by Abloy IQ or Click increase safety and are cost efficient. Whenever a tenant loses a key like this, the lock of the apartment does not require changing and all tenants do not need a new key because the lost key can be programmed out of use.

What are the costs for losing my key?

Remember that if losing your keys is caused by carelessness the costs for changing the locks or programming the keys out of use are charged from you.

Help, I locked myself outside! What do I do?

No worries! The RLTV Oy opening of doors -service is there for DAS tenants 24/7, so call the number 016 320 2500. The opening of doors costs 22 and an invoice is sent to you afterwards. This means that you do not need to have money on you when the door is opened.

How do I take care of the smart key?

Avoid dropping the key and try to keep it clean and dry. The smart key does not enjoy very high or low temperatures. Do not open the door by pulling it open by pulling the key, but use the handle. Wait for the sound signal in peace before you turn the key inside the lock. If the key beeps as a sign of battery running out, visit DAS customer service on time to change the battery key in order to avoid the key’s memory from being deleted which would then prevent you from opening the door.

What do the sound signals for the smart keys mean?

  • 1 beep: the key is approved, you can open the door
  • 3 short beeps: no approval. This means that you cannot enter the area with your key. For example, the sauna door cannot be opened in the middle of the night. This means that the keys also have time limits programmed onto them.
  • 3 long beeps: The key battery is running out or the key is cold. In this case it is important to visit DAS office so that the battery can be changed on time.
  • No beep: try opening the door again or the battery has run out.


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