We have snow!

We have snow!
The winter has arrived and we now have a lovely winter scenery at Rovaniemi. It’s been snowing quite much during the last weekend. To be able to keep the yards, parking places and walking paths clear from snow please remember the following things

- keep your bike only in the correct places. This means in bike racks or in bike shelters or storages.
- Park your car only to marked parking places.
- Take care of emptying the snow from your own balcony if needed.

You should also enjoy the winter and for that purpose, there are a few nice things for DAS tenants. If you wish to move around wintery style, borrow a kick sled from DAS office. At the tenants’ sports equipment storage there are two pairs of snow shoes to borrow and from DAS office you can also borrow ice fishing gear.

Thank you for noticing these important things that help maintenance service. We wish you a nice winter and Christmas time!
DAS Customer and maintenance service

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