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Welcome to DAS

Thank you for choosing DAS student houses to be your home. At any time during your stay, you are welcome to drop into the DAS housing office or send email to to say hello or ask a question. Please take some time to study the housing guide, where all the important matters concerning your living conditions are explained.


A short introduction to the flats offered by DAS. More information will be added to home pages in the autumn.

  • Editorial

    What about communication?

    I participated in a communications fair with my colleagues in order to learn new ways of communicati...

  • Talking points

    DAS, Airbnb and Circulation economy

    Rovaniemi is a city of students and tourists. Traveling to Lapland is on a global rise and the amoun...

  • Maintenance serves

    Bigger waste containers to help moving out

    Removable waste containers for tenants’ use to help moving out can be found atAsemarinne: DAS III, R...

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