A good- hearted lessor

When DAS was young the student flat had a bed and table. Nowadays things are different. DAS apartment is a real home where you can enjoy morning coffee, lay on the sofa and watch telly and read bed time stories for children. 

DAS is not here to make a fast buck. Our mission is to take care of students in Rovaniemi by offering reasonable priced accommodation which is safe, comfortable and suitable for one's life situation. We want to offer warmth of the home in the arctic atmosphere. 

We maintain, rent and build apartment buildings by absorption principle. DAS has 30 apartment buildings on 3 different housing areas which are essential in Rovaniemi for students. The buildings consist of 1.660 apartment places and the types of the apartments are as follows: 41 % studios, 21,2%  2 r+k family apartments and 37,2 % 2 and 3 room shared apartments.

We value open and active forum of discussion with our tenants. By listening the students we take part in their everyday life and therefore are able to serve students better. At the same time we can feel ourselves young too.

Domus Arctica -säätiö has started operating in 1969. Founders are the City of Rovaniemi, The Support Association of Rovaniemi Naiskotiteollisuuskoulu and The Support Association of Work Center Rovala. 

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