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You can apply for DAS apartment by filling out this housing application. You will receive a message including your application ID in your email when we have processed your application. Please make sure your email address is correct.

Information for filling in Student housing application form:

Incomes = Inform only your regular incomes during studies in Rovaniemi €/month.
Wealth = Inform your wealth more than 34.000 €.

Personal information is used for processing DAS tenancy agreements. The Date of birth or Finnish social security number is used to confirm your credit rating and also as identification for the authorities e.g. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA).

Certification of study will be checked when signing the tenancy agreement. Giving incorrect information can cause terminating of the tenancy agreement.

Date when studies start = Inform the date when you will start or have started the first year of studies in Rovaniemi.

1/3 Info for the applied apartment(s)
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Buildings matching your search criterias will be listed below. You can add and remove buildings by clicking the checkbox. Be sure to also set the price and square limits at the top of the application.
2/3 Information of the applicant

Information of the caretaker
Information of the other care taker

Information of the spouse/friend moving in

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3/3 Other information
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Additional information

(allergies, pets, or any other information/request for the apartment. Your friends name if you apply for shared apartment with your friend etc.)

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