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This is DAS Apartment

Our rent includes everything necessary for living and many additional services that make everyday life easier.

  • Utility fee

In addition to rent tenants will pay utility fee 24 euros/month/person/tenant place.

Utility fee is payment for electricity (10 €) and water (14 €).

The utility fee will be charged according to the number of tenant and/or number of tenant places. The number of tenant places is the same as apartment’s number of rooms. For example if tenant lives alone in the two room apartment tenant will be charged two utility fees. 

  • Furniture payment

DAS has furnished apartments and rooms in following houses: DAS Rovala, DAS IX, DAS Lauri, DAS Eero and DAS Timo. The furniture payment in these apartments is 21€/month.

In the furnished apartments , there is basic furniture:

  • a bed, a mattress with a mattress pad, a desk, a chair, a ceiling lamp and a wardrobe.

In the kitchen, there is:

  • a kitchen table, chairs, an oven/stove, a fridge/freezer and kitchen cabinets, there is also microwave and electric kettle in the kitchen.

  • Service fee: A 50€ service fee is charged for all changes in the tenancy agreement (for example, adding a spouse or a flatmate to a joint-agreement), fixed-term agreements and transfers to another DAS Apartment.
Services included in the rent:
  • DASnet and cable tv network
  • Laundry
  • Sauna turns
  • Some of the club rooms
  • Things to borrow (for example sewing machines, tools, board games, sports equipment, kick sled, rowing boats, ice fishing gear etc.)
  • 1 storage space per apartment
Services with small monthly fee or one time payment:
  • Using the gym
  • Club rooms
  • Car parking
  • Ski waxing room and  storage space for skis
  • Extra storage space
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