Apartment types

DAS has different types of accommodation options:

• a room in a shared apartment

• an individualized shared apartment

•a studio

•a two-room apartment

•a three-room apartment

Women and men live in separate shared apartments. 

If you wish to live with a friend or spouse who is different gender than you, fill in your wish on the application:  Additional information.
Agreements for same apartments for students who are different gender will only be made by request and if the duration of the living for these students is similar. For example if both stay for the fall semester - living in same apartment is possible. 

Room in a shared apartment

Room in a shared apartment stands for one bedroom for a single person in an apartment shared by other students. You will have your own private bedroom. You will share a kitchen, bathroom and possibly other common areas with other student in the same apartment. There are separate shared apartments for male and female students.

Shared apartments have a kitchen with stove/oven and refrigerator, usually one bathroom and toilet. In addition, some apartments may have a balcony.

Individualized shared apartment

Individualized shared apartment is a 2-room apartment in which each tenant has their own entrance, own room and own bathroom. The kitchen is shared. Women and men live in separate apartments. Individualized shared apartments can be found in Anninportti, Vellikellot DAS I, DAS II, DAS VII and DAS VIII

Studio is a one room apartment. Size and shape can vary; there can also be a separate small bedroom. Always own bathroom. Mainly for one person only.
Two-room apartment
Some of the apartments are like shared apartments with two separate rooms; some are with bedroom, a living room and kitchen. Suitable for couples and families.
Three-room apartment
Two bedrooms and a living room and kitchen. Suitable for families. Only in DAS Kota, DAS I and DAS II.
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