Scam messages in the name of the landlord

During the previous days, scam messages have been sent in the name of landlords, the purpose of which is to get the recipient to pay the rent to the wrong bank account or ask other inquiries related to rent. According to the information we received, DAS tenants have also received these scam messa...

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Answer and win a prize!

Tenant satisfaction is measured in the form of a survey. Tenant satisfaction surveys are important for the development of DAS operations. Take a little time out of your day and answer the tenant satisfaction survey. You can find the survey  in your email. You have time to answer the survey u...

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24.02.2023 Shrove Tuesday

Together we're stronger

DAS has had the pleasure of working as a partner in the student shrove organized by LYY and Rotko for several years now. During the day, the students got to go down the hill with a sled, try Zumba in the snow and test their skills in Kyykkä. At the DAS office, hot juice was served throughout the ...

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24.02.2023 campaign

Show us your home!

We would like to share DAS homes on social media and we need help from you DAS tenants! You get the best view of the furnished apartments. A student home always looks like its owner, and we want to share pictures of different kind of homes. Have you decorated your apartment with a light color ...

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24.02.2023 shared car, PlanBil

Have you already tested a shared car?

DAS tenants and also to other residents of Rovaniemi are able to rent a shared car. You can rent a car for your use for hours, days or weeks. With a shared car, you can easily go for grocery shopping, training sessions, and other leisure activities. Shared use means renting a car for a short p...

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24.02.2023 Saving energy

Small actions have a big impact

The price and availability of energy affects each of us this winter. Even if you don't pay for electricity or heating yourself, your consumption is part of the total load. Heating, the use of hot water and electricity weigh the most on the energy bill. When the consumption of heat and electricity...

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24.02.2023 development, renovation

We keep developing our housing stock

The renovations in DAS Tuomas and Juhani are going well and the houses will be move-in ready August 1, 2023. On January 27, 2023, we celebrated the roofing ceremony of the buildings. In the morning, DAS staff got to see the sites. There will be 37 studios and 5 pcs 2-room apartments in DAS Juhani...

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24.02.2023 tenant committee

Tenant activities just for you DAS tenant!

Supporting community is an important principle for us. The goal of the tenant committee is to increase community through various events and excursions. Tenant activity consists of activities carried out by the community of tenants. Every tenant committee reflects the personalities of its members ...

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15.02.2023 note of fault, maintenance service

How to make a note of fault report

Is there a fault in your apartment that requires maintenance? By filling out the note of fault report, you will receive up-to-date information on the progress of the work. Please remember to write your email address in the field reserved for it in the report. The note of fault can be about ...

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06.02.2023 individualized shared apartment

Individualized shared apartment - almost like a studio!

Individualized shared apartments are looking for tenants! Almost like living in a studio! Individualized shared apartment is a 2-room apartment in which each tenant has their own entrance, own room and own bathroom. The kitchen is shared. The door between the room and the kitchen can be locked. ...

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