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Terms of service

Terms of Service

These terms of service include the terms for using www-pages and the services included (from here on referred to as “pages and services”), provided and managed by Domus Arctica –säätiö (abbreviated as DAS), which the user complies with by using these pages and services.

DAS has the right to change the content of its pages and services, their accessibility, to stop publishing on pages and the services included, either temporarily or permanently at any time. DAS also has the right to change these terms of use at any time.

Immaterial rights

All content published on the pages and services are property of DAS protected by trademark, copyright and/or other immaterial rights, excluding services provided in addition or linked to the pages and services (such as maps) by third parties. DAS reserves the rights to all material published on its pages and services included within them.

Pages and the services included within them can be browsed and copied by printing or downloading a file onto the user’s device. However, the material can be used only for personal and non-commercial use. Copies or parts of the copies cannot be sold, or shared electronically or on paper for commercial use, and they cannot be linked to other sources or webpages. Press releases can be published in the press as long as the source has been referred to.

The Plan for Handling and Saving Personal Data in Domus Arctica –säätiö


Domus Arctica –säätiö sr. Phone 020 7699 180 Company ID-number 0210547-1

Yliopistonkatu 21

96300 Rovaniemi

Limitation of Liability

Pages and services are provided “as they are”. DAS does its best to provide uninterrupted and flawless access to its pages and services, and that the content and information on these pages and services is up-to-date and accurate. However, DAS takes no liability for interruptions, unavailability or incorrectness in the use of its pages and services, or for any direct, indirect, incidental, or special damages, losses of profit, or interruptions of business caused by them, even if the possibility of damage has been let known to DAS.

Pages and services may include links to webpages and their services managed and maintained by a third party (e.g. maps). These links are solely displayed for the users and DAS claims no liability for these pages, their contents, the correctness of their contents, or for the data collection and its lawfulness on these pages.

Handling personal data (Data protection)

DAS webpages may contain services, which demand for handling of personal information. Personal data is mainly collected directly from the customer, but also from i.e. Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the registers kept by the Population Register Centre. Personal information is used, for example, to manage the customership, to send questionnaires regarding customer satisfaction and other matters, and for customer communications. The collected data is a part of DAS registers. For more information on the use of personal data and the file descriptions of DAS’ registers, please see

The contact point required by the Finnish act on data collection (Tietoyhteiskuntakaari 190 §)

Domus Arctica –säätiö sr (company ID number: 0210547-1)

Yliopistonkatu 21

96300 Rovaniemi

phone 020 7699 180


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