DAS Tenants Committee 2020

DAS Tenants Committee 2020

This has definitely been an exciting spring for the tenants' committee. Our long-serving and much-loved chairman Ville Määttä resigned and was replaced by Eva Aho as chairwoman. Then came corona. Our intention this spring was at least to continue the community evenings and to arrange a spring trip to Ranua. But unfortunately everything had to be cancelled.

But no worries—let's come up with something extra nice for autumn!

At least there will be community evenings in the autumn, maybe that trip to Ranua, as well as our traditional trip to Ikea. Smaller events and purchases of new loan items are also under consideration. And if the situation still prevents these excursions or events in the fall, we can come up with something fun to participate in remotely!

Well, whatever happens, the tenants' committee will still be busy, coming up with ways to make tenants' living even more comfortable and communal. We are happy to hear our tenants' ideas and suggestions for desired events, loaned goods, as well as for possible needs in regard to the clubrooms.  Similarly, if you have any concerns, you can send us a message and we will try to help.

The tenants' committee is a direct line between DAS and its tenants, and through it the tenants' wishes and suggestions are received more effectively. The tenants’ committee receives a budget from DAS to organize various activities and for new purchases. Tenants also have three representatives on the DAS board, giving tenants the opportunity to influence decision-making and share their views with the executive board.

If anything has caught your interest, given you ideas or you have concerns that you would like to share then our ideabox as well as contact information can be found on the tenants’ page. The tenants’ committee hopes that everyone has had a nice spring and that you have stayed healthy.

Chairwoman Eva Aho


Members: Kaarina Vakkala, Matti Haapala, Henri Määttä, Viljam Nyman, Ville Tyrväinen and Miska Kangasniemi.

Matti Haapala, Henri Määttä and Kaarina Vakkala are the resident representatives on the DAS Board in 2020

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