Checking the right to live in DAS apartment

Checking the right to live in DAS apartment

DAS homes are made for students only. We check every year that the tenant has a right to live in student houses.

Checking starts on week 5/2017. If you receive email or mail concernign the check, please act according to the instructions as soon as possible.

If you receive a letter concernign the right to live in DAS apartment the reason could be example:

  • you have graduated or quit your studies
  • in family apartment spouse studies but the first party of the agreement doesn’t
  • you have changed the university/school during your living
  • you have signed in as absent to your university

What to do?

Give DAS a valid student certificate by the due date


if you have graduated or quit, give notice of termination for the date 31.8.2017 through  


if you need more information or advice, please contact by the due date on the letter.


  • It is enough that in family apartments one party studies.
  • Fixed-term agreement made because the studies have ended doesn’t bind the tenant until the end of the term (31.8.). However the tenant can give notice of termination to end the agreement earlier. 

The terms of DAS tenancy agreement  point 19 regulates the right to live in DAS apartment.

The tenant’s right to occupy a DAS apartment ends on the last day of the following August, after the tenant’s studies have ended. The tenant agrees to inform DAS about the end of the studies and to give notice of termination so that the agreement will be ended not later than on the last day of the following August and according to the stipulations of the Act on residential leases.

If the tenant fails to inform DAS about the end of studies and does not give notice of termination as mentioned above, DAS has the right to give notice on the tenant’s agreement. The obligation of giving information about ending one’s studies does not apply to a fixed term tenancy agreement.

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