Smiles, notices, thank yous and developing cleaning co-operation

Smiles, notices, thank yous and developing cleaning co-operation

My name is Heljä and I work as a service supervisor at SOL Palvelut Oy.

My job is very diverse. It consists of customer service, organizing the cleaning tasks for the cleaners and also making customer satisfaction surveys to our partners – such as Domus Arctica –säätiö. According to the feedback given in these surveys both me and the cleaners of DAS houses – Eija and Tanja- as well as DAS can develop operation and take tenants’ wishes and notices into consideration in cleaning.

After the survey has been done we get together with DAS staff and have a meeting to discuss together about the results. According to the results we’ll agree about the action we are going to take in order to improve our operation and to create cozy, clean and safe environment for the tenants and DAS staff.

This year the survey was answered by 384 tenants and last year (2016) by only 126 tenants. The most answers are given by Kuntotie tenants. It is great that we got so much more answers this year. It also tells about the fact that cleaning and cozy surroundings are important for tenants and that it is a matter that should be paid attention to. The amount of written feedback also increased (from 36 to 98 feedback). The written feedback consisted both positive things but also things that should be improved. Without feedback we could not improve our operation so every given feedback is important.
In the answers was shown also that tenants pay attention to their own action and how it shows for example on Mondays in the corridors in the amount of rubbish. Many of the tenants wished that everyone would pay attention to what kind of impact their own actions have on the surroundings. Some tenants also felt sorry for that the cleaners have to take out such rubbish as pizza boxex, beer cans or snuff laying around and left there by the tenants. The different seasons effect on the need of cleaning and this was also noticed in the answers more than before. Sand and leaves might be in the corridors more during the fall and it requires more cleaning during that time. Therefore we will continue the habit of using the cleaning lists where is marked when the space has been cleaned. This way the status of cleaning stays visible also for tenants.

Sauna and toilet spaces were asked more paper, rubbish bags and cleaning equipment such as dustpans and brushes so that the users of the common spaces can clean after themselves more. This was a good idea and this kind of feedback is more than welcome. Also the laundries would require more these equipment and tenants clearly are willing to take part in cleaning the spaces more them selves in order to keep the premises cozy. The laundries and gyms are also used nowadays more than before and therefore the cleaning in these spaces is paid more attention.

Most of the tenants are pleased or very pleased to the status of the cleaning. Eija and Tanja were given a lot of positive feedback about their service attitude. They are right persons in the right places and they always answer with a smile and say hello to all who goes around in the buildings. They also want to send their thanks to all tenants. Let’s keep up the good co-operation.
Thank you to all who answered our survey. All the given feedback, notices and thank you’s are valuable to us.

With kind greetings

Heljä, SOL Palvelut OY

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