DAS will start collecting plastics waste

DAS will start collecting plastics waste

Tenants’ voice has been heard and DAS will increase the possibilities to recycle and sort their waste. We have agreed with our partner MHK Oy for a pilot project for one year in which the plastics waste will be collected as separate transportation.

In tenant pages, waste points on the yards and on notice boards in the houses have been updated the new waste points. During first week of 2019 to DAS areas has been added plastic waste containers as follows:


DAS I, Ratakatu 8                        DAS VI, Rinteentie 4                 


DAS VII, Kuntotie 2                    DAS IX-X, Kuntotie 8


DAS Aapo, Ylikorvantie 23      DAS Lauri, Opintie 2                  DAS Kota, Rantavitikantie 6   

DAS Männistö, Ylikorvantie 26


The waste point in front of DAS Anninportti B and C houses


What happens to the collected plastic waste?

Material will be collected to Alakorkalo waste collecting terminal where it will be baled and transported forward to utilization to Ekokem plastic refinery in Riihimäki. Ekokem is building a new circulation economy village to Riihimäki and plastic refinery is one part of this project. In this refinery mixed plastics are sorted and prosessed for an industrial secondary raw material or new products. All of the plastic packaging can not be recycled yet. The material unsuitable for recycling will be exploited as energy.

What kind of packaging is collected?

Normal household packages which shall be empty, rinsed if required and dried.

  • Empty plastic packaging of food; for ex. yogurt, butter, cheese, meat, and ready-made meals
  • Plastic bottles, cans, canisters
  • Plastic packaging for washing liquids, shampoos and shower gels
  • Plastic carrier bags, pouches and wrapping

What kind of packaging is NOT accepted in the collection?

  • Dirty packaging or mixed waste
  • Plastic products
  • PVC packaging
  • Packaging from businesses

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