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17.12.2020 managing director, talking point

Good news – Christmas is coming

Dear DAS tenants, I am very pleased that during this exceptional time you have been faithful tenants. You have been very understanding of the measures taken during the exceptional period when we have restricted customer service in close contact and placed downtime in the common areas of the ten...

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28.09.2020 talking point, DAS

Statement by the Chairman of the Board

Would you recommend DAS? Everyone of us in DAS are working together to make it affordable and as easy as possible for each of our tenants to live in DAS. We have been working for a long time to reform our housing stock. Living in a shared apartment isn’t as popular anymore among the students who ...

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11.05.2020 statement, feedback

Statement by the managing director

Thanks for the feedback- you hope for a small surface renovation We received 266 responses to our spring customer survey, which means 22% gave feedback. 94.3% of tenants would recommend DAS to their friends and family. Thank you! As you did every year, you were particularly pleased with the pr...

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28.11.2018 editorial

Greetings from Markku

Dear tenants, members of the board of DAS, other elected persons and DAS staff! Since retiring from the position of University of Lapland Faculty of Law Administrative Manager on 1 September 2018 after 38 years, the position of trust in the board of DAS after 35 years is also coming to end. The y...

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DAS does not increase the rent for the year 2019

The foundation has stable economy and has had a reasonable development in management and capital costs, which make it possible that the living costs in DAS student apartments stay the same as in year 2018. Utility fees will stay the same also due to good control in energy consumption. For the low le...

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06.11.2017 editorial, communication

What about communication?

I participated in a communications fair with my colleagues in order to learn new ways of communicating. I –a Facebook-user already a bit on the elderly side – take photos with my phone and post pictures of myself, my hobbies and the foods that I’ve enjoyed. I read though my Twitter feed and sometime...

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07.09.2017 editorial

Acommodation is important part of student's everyday life

The autumn is here. This means that the new academic years have started as well. Hundreds of new students have begun their studies in the academies of Lapland and many of them either already are or at some point will be living in DAS apartments. This makes DAS one of the most important partners of t...

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09.01.2017 editorial

Eyes on Rantavitikka for constructing new

The basic task of DAS is to offer reasonably priced living for those studying at Rovaniemi. For long, we have been preparing to release two buildings at Kuntotie, and planned on building new apartments close to the student campus. We wish to be ground breakers in construction, and pioneers together ...

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A moderate rent increase at DAS

The average rent increase in the foundation’s apartments is 1,97 % from 1.1.2017 onwards and it is equal to 0,16 €/sqm/mm. This means that in a 30 sqm apartment the monthly rent increase is 4,80 euros. The increase is due to the slight rise in consumption- and maintenance costs, planned renovatio...

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