03.09.2018 maintenance service

Maintenance Service

DAS has its own maintenance servicemen and several partners for different property maintenance tasks. If you notice a fault in the apartment, make an electronic note of fault: www.das.fi/vikailmoitus. The housing guide on our tenant pages has a checklist for tenants, on which you can see what kind o...

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09.05.2018 cleaning, moving

DAS tips for spring cleaning and moving out

1. Get inspired by the defrosting of the climate and defrost your own freezer, too! It is also an excellent chance to clean smudges off. Also remember to take the fridge off the wall and clean the floor and the backside of the fridge. 2. Arrange cleaning turns with your roommate; little regula...

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Bigger waste containers to help moving out

Removable waste containers for tenants’ use to help moving out can be found atAsemarinne: DAS III, Ratakatu 10, Kuntotie: DAS X, Kuntotie 10 and Rantavitikka: DAS Aapo, Ylikorvantie 23 Removable waste containers are at place 22.5.-5.6.2017. Please remember: NO hazardous waste or elect...

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03.03.2017 maintenance service

A Moving Day with the DAS Maintenance Service

The clock approaches 9 am and I arrive at the DAS office like promised. It’s snowing and I ring the doorbell of the side door. I’m let in ­­- just in time for the morning coffee. After the coffee, I move to the office of the servicemen and start talking with one of the servicemen of DAS, Reima Kuusi...

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Some information about car parking

Car parking places can be reserved at electronic booking system at the DAS tenant pages. Car parking place costs 7 €/month. Guests can park their cars temporarily to the places labelled as VIERASPAIKKA. Heating times are told at DAS tenant pages as well as on notice boards of the houses...

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The heat is on even when the cold is on Complaints of draft and cold are one of the most common feedback regarding indoor warmth as the weather outside gets colder in the autumn. DAS buildings are heated with district heating and the heating is adjusted automatically according to the temperatures...

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