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Bathrooms and water fittings


Floor and wall surfaces are either ceramic tile, epox or plastic carpet and they let in water if they are broken or if the seams are damaged. Broken and leaking taps and toilet seats are real water-wasters. These and other damages that may cause a water damage must always be reported. Make a note of fault or in an urgent case, call our maintenance service at 020 7699 180. The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation (Isännöintiliitto) gives out five tips for cleaning the bathroom:  

Clean regularly

1.       The ceiling, floor and walls of the bathroom. Choose the cleaning liquid according to the surface material and avoid rubbing the seams between tiles too hard. Remember to dry the floor after washing it.

2.       The strainer of the sink. If the sink is not draining properly, pour unclogging agent down the drain. Do not throw rubbish in the sink or it will get clogged.

3.       The lint filter of the washing machine. It is cleaned according to the instructions of the machine.

Clean at least twice a year

1.       The floor drain and its inner parts. Detach the lid and clean the dirt from it with a brush. Take out the drain trap carefully and take out the rubbish such as hair. Spray the drain then with water. Remember to put the drain trap back tightly. You can get a net or a filter for the trap so that hair is easier to take out.

2.       Air valves. The valves are cleaned by vacuuming and wiping them. If the valves can be taken off, they can be cleaned with a mild washing liquid. When you are putting the valve lids back to their place, be careful not to touch the adjustments on the valve.

Cleaning the drain trap

Cleaning the drain traps regularly is the tenant’s responsibility. The trap collects hair etc. and slowly clog the drain. The trap is cleaned by lifting the lid and digging out the rubbish by hand (use gloves). Rinse with clean water and for example, with dishwashing liquid and then put the lid back on. If the plug of the trap leading to the sewer has come off and the smell from the sewers enters the bathroom freely, make a note of fault on our website.

Cleaning the sink trap

If you know how to, you can clean the drain trap of the sink by twisting the trap and cleaning it out of the rubbish inside. If you do not know how to do this, leave a note of fault.

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