The applicants who have had a tenancy agreement with the foundation and who wish to move out of Rovaniemi for a long period of time (more than 6 months), for example because of conscription, health-related reasons, studying abroad or internship, by terminating their agreement can reapply and stay “afloat”. The application for floating must be sent when the student terminates their current agreement.

Domus Arctica –säätiö offers those who have a floating application primarily an apartment that is similar to the type they have moved out of, as they are returning to study.

The application form for floating is the same one as the regular DAS apartment application.

  Instructions for a person applying for floating

-      Mark down the request for floating in the “Additional Information” –section of the application and write down the reason for floating

-      A proof for the reason for floating is to be sent to dasaspa@das.fi. The proof is for example a certificate for the internship, conscript or approval of student exchange

-      The application for floating will not be processed without the proof attachments.

-      The starting date of studies is the one when you have begun your degree studies and the date when you are taking the apartment is the date, when you are returning to Rovaniemi to study.

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