Repairs and Renovations

Renovations and thorough renovations

DAS Maintenance Service is in charge of all renovations and changes in the apartment. If necessary, you may contact the DAS Maintenance Service Manager 020 7699 180. The property owner (DAS) covers all maintenance and renovation costs caused by natural wear and tear.

DAS conducts renovation and maintenance projects to increase the quality and comfort of the housing areas and apartments yearly, and those projects will be informed of according to the stipulations of the Act on Residential Leases and the terms of tenancy agreement.

In some cases, the tenant may have to move out for the duration of the renovation. Small renovations, such as fixing the insulation of the windows, painting the walls etc. do not require moving out. During bathroom renovations, the tenants may have to use the common bathroom and sauna areas for a period of time. Tenants will always be informed beforehand about renovations like this.

DAS Maintenance Service will charge the tenant who has caused damage to the property or its furniture. Remember that as the tenant you are in charge of all the costs if the person who actually caused the damage cannot be reached. The costs for fixing broken items and structures vary from tens of euros to hundreds of euros.

By decorating and furnishing the apartment, you can bring out your personal style, and colour in the apartment. DAS has installed frames on the walls and curtain rails on the window boards.

The tenant is not allowed, for example, to:

-          make any structural changes to the apartment, or paint it

-          drill holes in the walls and other surfaces

-          adjust the air valves by themselves (disturbs the ventilation in the whole building)

-          fix electronics

-          fix electric or internet sockets, because that always leads to disrupts in the networks

Thorough Renovations

DAS makes thorough renovations as the financial usage time of the building has reached the point of renovations. The thorough renovations are always based on a condition assessment and they are designed based on the thorough renovation programme for each apartment building. The tenants are always informed about the upcoming condition assessments separately.

With thorough renovations, the condition and equipment of the apartment is updated to match a newly constructed building and this may cause the fact that after the renovation the rent is considerably higher.

We are usually forced to terminate the tenancy agreements in the building for the duration of the thorough renovation. In these cases, we aim to provide a substitute apartment for the duration of the renovation or from the renovation onwards from another apartment building.

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