Moving out

The moving out date is the next weekday following the ending date of your tenancy agreement, on which the keys of the apartment must be handed over to DAS by 12:00 in the afternoon. If the ending date of your agreement is on a holiday or on Saturday or Sunday, the keys must be handed over on the next working day by 12:00 in the afternoon.

Moving out- and final cleaning

Have you ever had to move into an apartment in which the sink has been covered in soap residue and the stove knobs have been covered in a sticky substance the chemical formula of which many glue factories would be ready to pay for? DAS is very eager to make sure that no one would have to experience a situation like this.

Make the next tenant happy by leaving behind a fresh and clean apartment!

The main cleaning tasks:

  • empty the apartment, the storage locker and balcony of your belongings and trash
  • remove dust, trash, magazines etc.
  • wash away stains

The apartment must be handed over in a good and clean condition. More guidelines you’ll find from the moving-out instructions and cleaning guide. Remember that tenants living in a shared apartment are responsible for cleaning the shared areas together.

The tenant must leave the apartment and its shared areas in clean and good condition upon moving out. A final cleaning must be done according to the provided guidelines, which is also an attachment to the tenancy agreement. If the cleaning is not done properly, the lessor has the right to order a cleaning from a cleaning company and deduct these reasonable costs caused by the cleaning from the tenant’s deposit without hearing the tenant.

Alternatively, the lessor can deduct a penalty fine from the deposit to cover for the cleaning expenses as it is mentioned in the terms of DAS tenancy agreements.

At least the following things must be done during the final-/ moving-out cleaning:

  • the apartment/room must be emptied from all items that were not originally in the apartment
  • all floors must be vacuumed and wiped with a cleaning solution, remember to wipe the flooring lists
  • all stains must be removed from doors, door frames and walls
  • surfaces in the kitchen must be wiped and cleaned from stains
  • the closets and cupboards must be emptied, cleaned and wiped from stains
  • the stove and oven must be washed: pull the stove out of the wall and clean the backside and sides of the stove, the floor behind it, wash the trays as well
  • the exhaust air valves must be cleaned
  • the filter of the cooker hood must be cleaned
  • windows must be cleaned (during winter, only from the inside + window spacing), the handle for opening the windows can be taken from DAS office
  • the fridge and freezer must be emptied, defrosted and washed: pull the fridge out of its place and clean the walls and floors behind and underneath the fridge, clean the cooling grid as well
  • when defrosting the fridge and the freezer, consider the items of the flatmate who is staying in the apartment!
  • If no one is staying in the apartment, leave the doors of the fridge open and turn the power off
  • good ventilation: the doors and windows of the apartment must nonetheless be left closed
  • washing the drains, toilet and sinks in the bathroom
  • washing the floor drain
  • remove your name tags

Remember to tell your flatmate about your moving-out date well in advance and agree on cleaning the shared spaces. In shared apartments, both the staying and moving out tenant are in charge of cleaning the apartment.

In shared kitchens, the person moving out empties and cleans the cupboards and shelves s/he has been using. The shelves and cupboards of the other tenant need not to be cleaned. In other parts the kitchen must be cleaned either alone or preferably with the other tenant and the parts must be clean when the inspection is done. The stove, fridge and other machines and equipment must in all cases be cleaned completely.

DAS Maintenance is in charge of answering all questions regarding the final cleaning and the final inspection.


Moving out instructions

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