DAS buildings Männistö, Lukkari, Kelo, Venla, Juhani, Tuomas and Kirstinkoto have mechanical supply/exhaust ventilation with heat recovery. Other DAS buildings have mechanical ventilation. The ventilation machines suck air from the kitchens, the WC and the bathroom. This way the air will circulate in other spaces as well. The air from the bedrooms will circulate to the shared spaces through the soundproof valves above the room doors.

Do not block the valves! The ventilation machines and the exhaust air valves have been adjusted so that the whole ventilation in the building is in balance. Blocking the valves or adjusting them by oneself disrupts this balance and the ventilation in the whole building changes. This basically means that, for example, if half of the people living in the building block/shut the valves above the windows, the apartments in which the valves are not blocked take in twice the amount of replacing air from the outdoors because some of the valves have been shut and this causes a stronger sensation of draft in the apartment.

Cleaning the ventilation valves regularly is the responsibility of the tenants. The simple way to clean the valves is to wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. The adjustments of the valves mustn’t be changed.

If the air indoors feels stale and/or the windows fog, it’s useful to clean the exhaust air valves first. Check if the supply air valves are open and take out the possible self-installed extra insulation pieces, such as tapes from the top frames of the windows. Test if a piece of paper sticks on the vent by the suction. If it doesn’t, make a note of fault by logging into the DAS tenant pages.

Cleaning the ventilation valves

There are both exhaust air valves and supply air valves in the apartment. The exhaust air valve is usually located in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The supply air valves are usually located in the room. 

To clean, you need these:

  • neutral or mildly alkaline washing liquid        
  • a soft sponge or a brush that does not scratch the surfaces        
  • cloths

Follow these steps:

1. Detach the valve from the wall by turning the frame counter-clockwise while pulling it downwards, so the valve will come off. If there is a detachable insulation piece, take it off for the cleaning. There is a cone-like part in the middle position of which regulates how much air is circulating. Do not change the adjustments by yourself because too strong circulation causes draft and too weak circulation leads to problems with humidity and smell. Call in a maintenance serviceman if you think that the adjustments are not right.

2. Prepare the cleaning solution with a washing liquid that is neutral or mildly alkaline. The dirt will come off easier if you let the valve soak in the liquid for a few hours.

3. Wipe the valve surroundings of the valve canal with a cloth damp with the cleaning solution.

4. Wash the valve with a cleaning brush in the cleaning solution. Dry the valve and place it back by turning the frame clockwise while pressing it towards the ceiling

5. Clean the cleaning supplies

If the valve has a broken insulation piece (foam), contact DAS maintenance or make a note of fault on our website and it will be replaced.

photo: exhaust air valve

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