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Partial Subleasing

Chapter 11 of the Finnish Act on Residential Leases regulates the tenant’s right to sublease a part of the rental apartment to another person. Partial subleasing means that you are staying in the apartment at the same time with the subtenant. If you are planning on moving out for some time and taking someone to live in the apartment while you are away, you are subleasing the whole apartment (see: Subleasing).

In partial subleasing you release a part of the apartment for someone else to use. At DAS this means that you must be able to separate a room for the subtenant to use. In other terms: a shared apartment or a studio cannot be partially subleased. (See: Subleasing)

The subtenant is in no relation to DAS, but to you instead. You are still in charge of the whole apartment, its condition and rent payments to DAS. Therefore you should pay close attention to what kind of a subleasing agreement you are making.

To execute the partial subleasing, do as follows:

1. Find yourself a suitable subtenant. Unfortunately DAS cannot help you with finding a subtenant. (In partial subleasing, the subtenant does not have to be a student. It is enough that the main tenant is studying in Rovaniemi)

2. Make a tenancy agreement with the subtenant. You can find the template for the agreement on our “Contact DAS” –tab.

3. After you have agreed on the practicalities with your subtenant, let DAS know of the partial subleasing with the “Subleasing” –form which you can find on the “Contact DAS” –section.

4. After DAS has sent you a confirmation email about the partial subleasing, your subtenant can register on our tenant pages and use our services just like a regular tenant.

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