DAS internet connection

DASnet can be found in all of our buildings.

DASnet is provided by Telia. The contract for activating the internet connection is made directly with Telia and upon moving out the tenant terminates the internet contract through the Telia Customer Service. DASnet is included in the rent.

The active internet socket is located in the living room of each apartment (studios and family apartments), and in shared apartments, in each bedroom. Attach your computer to the socket with a RJ45-model Ethernet cable and open your browser. The Telia self-service portal opens automatically in the browser window. If the portal does not open automatically for some reason, activate the internet connection by calling the Telia Customer Service tel. +358 200 11611 (mcc/Inc)

Activation instructions

The location of the active internet socket cannot be changed and in case you want to use the connection in a different room, you can buy yourself a longer cable or use the connection wirelessly by getting yourself a router. The router must function with Ethernet (Cat5/Cat6) –technology. The brand of the router does not matter. You are in charge of installing the router.

If you are subleasing your whole apartment, the subtenant must make their own internet contract with Telia.

In case of any disruptions or technical difficulties, contact Telia Customer Service:

-       0200 11611 (local network rate/mobile charge) during weekdays 8-18 and on Saturdays 9-16:30 (queuing on the phone is also charged)

If you need help when installing the connection for the first time, contact Telia Helppi: 060010100 (2,25€/min + local network charge, for queueing local network charge/mobile charge, on weekdays 8-20, Sat 9-16:30)

Kuntotie 8 & DAS Rovala: DASnet works through WiFi -routers in shared apartments (furnished). Tenants don't need their own routers but they have to activate the connection with Telia by calling the Telia Customer Service tel. 0200 11611 (mcc/lnc). Please leave the router to the apartment after you move out. 

DASnet in DAS Lauri&Eero:

DASnet in these buildings work through WiFi -routers. Tenants don't need their own routers. The rules are accepted when signing the tenancy agreement and other kind of agreement for using the DASnet is not required. 

DASnet rules for DAS Lauri and Eero:

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