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DAS cleaning instructions for tenants

Cleaning is a part of maintaining the apartment’s condition and it is the responsibility of the tenant. A regular weekly cleaning saves you form a large-scale clean-up. If you live in a shared apartment, it is recommended to do the cleaning in turns. You are both responsible for cleaning the shared spaces.

You’ll manage with basic cleaning supplies:

-          a vacuum cleaner

-     a dustbrush and a dustpan

-     a toilet brush

-     a dish brush

-     a fibre cloth and a cloth that is suitable for wetting and wiping

-     a floor swipe

-     a window wiper

It’s good to have low-maintenance cleaning supplies, for example washable cloths are handy. Dirty supplies only spread the dirt.

The right kinds of liquids lead to clean results. Get these, for example:

-          an all-purpose cleaning liquid

-          a WC-cleaner

-          an oven cleaner

-          dishwashing liquid

These things make cleaning easier:

-          putting items back to their designated places

-          leaving the shoes in the entrance

-          taking empty bottles to grocery store for recycling, and taking newspapers and paper-ads to recycling as often as possible

-          removing stains immediately

-          putting pieces of felt underneath furniture

Important things to notice:

toilet and bathroom:

-          clean the floor drain regularly

-          dry the floors after taking a shower

stove and oven:

-          clean immediately after use, so stains will come off easier

-          clean the back, sides and the floor behind the stove regularly by pulling the stove out

-          clean the grids and trays of the oven

fridge and freezer:

-          wipe off splashes and crumbs, defrost if necessary and regularly clean the sides and the back of the fridge (also the floor underneath by pulling the fridge away)

-          clean the exhaust air valve and the grease filter in the cooker hood (the exhaust air valves can be found in the kitchen and the bathroom

Take on a habit of a weekly cleaning, which includes:

-          wiping off dust

-          sweeping/vacuuming

-          wiping the floor with a damp cloth

-          cleaning the toilet

-          taking out the trash

-          cleaning the kitchen

A few times a year: cleaning the windows (get the handle from DAS office)
Every few months: defrosting the fridge and the freezer

Cleaning the epoxy floor:
Epoxy floors can be found in the renovated bathrooms of Rantavitikka. Here’s an attachment that contains cleaning instructions for epoxy floors  General cleaning advice regarding synthetic floors

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