The plug socket fittings in the ceilings in our apartments are mainly equipped with a light socket (picture 1) so the ceiling lamp should be equipped with a plug that fits the light socket (picture 2). You should be able to install the lamp without tools. Hang the lamp from the hook in the case. Under no circumstances must you remove the plug socket fitting from the ceiling. Only an authorized mechanic can remove the fitting so if you need the case removed please contact the maintenance service.

 Picture 1.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 3.png

Picture 1.                   Picture 2.                Picture 3.

In some older apartments there are still old kinds of ceiling roses/ "sugar cubes"  (Picture 3). In these cases you can connect the wires of the lamp (2 wires) to the ceiling rose. Before starting remember to switch off the current/fuse. Connect the wires to the holes in the ceiling rose and tightening the wire holding screws. Hang the lamp normally from the hook. Note! If the ceiling rose is missing and there are only 2 wires hanging from the ceiling do in no circumstances touch the wires. In this case please fill the note of fault (linkki)

In our apartments are also fluorescent lamps (kitchen and toilet). Fluorescent lamp fixtures have a starter (picture 4). The starter is situated in the frame of the lighting fixture (picture 5). If the lighting is blinking the starter have to be changed. Before changing a fluorescent lamp or a starter you should switch off the current/fuse. A fluorescent lamp is usually removed from the lighting fixture by turning it one quarter of a turn. The lamp comes out by sliding the pins at its both ends out of their holders.

Replace the lamp with a new one of the same power rating and a suitable color shade. It is recommended to change the starter as well when you change the fluorescent lamp. To change a starter, turn it counter-clockwise so that its pins are freed through the gap in the starter holder. Then put in the new starter.

 Picture 4.pngPicture 5.png

Picture 4.                 Picture 5.

Before you start changing a lamp, switch off the current. To switch the current off a lighting fixture equipped with a wall plug, pull the plug out of the socket. To reliably switch the current off a roof lamp, use the main switch or remove the fuse of the lighting set in question.


During the living the purchase and replacement of light bulbs (including refrigerator and oven lights) as well as fluorescent lights and their starters are the responsibility of the tenant. Also in furnished apartments tenants need to buy and change light bulbs by themselves.

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