Laundry rooms can be used free of charge by DAS tenants and the turns have to be booked beforehand on the DAS tenant pages.

The energy costs for using the laundry room are included in the rents, so use the machines economically and follow our guidelines. We recommend you to have one proper laundry day instead of washing just a few garments at a time.

DAS does not cover for any clothes that have disappeared from the laundry rooms. If a machine is not working properly, contact DAS Maintenance immediately at 020 7699 180 or make a note of fault.

Laundry rules

DAS I DAS I, II, III and IV tenants  DAS VII  DAS VII tenants 
DAS III  DAS III and DAS IV tenants  DAS VIII  DAS VIII tenants 
DAS VI DAS V and VI tenants  DAS IX  DAS IX tenants
    DAS X DAS X tenants 
DAS JUHANI  Juhani and Tuomas tenants     
DAS AAPO  Simeoni, Venla and Aapo tenants Erävalkeat  
DAS LAURI  Lauri, Eero and Timo tenants  DAS KOTA Kota, Laavu and Nili tenants - open the door from extra lock in doorbell table
     DAS Kelo Kelo tenants
DAS MÄNNISTÖ Männistö and Lukkari tenants Anninportti D all Anninportti tenants - open the door from extra lock in doorbell table
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