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Changing the Apartment and changes in the tenancy agreements

Applicants, who already have a tenancy agreement with the foundation and wish to move from one DAS apartment to another, can apply for a transfer. These internal applications are handled apart from the beginnings of August and September. If friends or a couple have made a joint agreement with DAS and one of the people is moving out, it is possible for the other one to stay alone in the apartment mentioned in the agreement.

The person staying in the apartment should contact DAS Customer Service, fill out a new apartment application for themselves (a new agreement must always be created through a new application) and both people in the joint agreement must terminate their joint agreement.

Fill out the application here

The conditions for changing the apartment and making any changes to one’s tenancy agreement are that there are no outstanding payments, there have been no complaints, and the tenant’s current agreement has not been terminated or rescinded by DAS.

The service fee for changing the apartment and making changes to the agreement is 50€ and it is added to the first rent payment of the new agreement. The basis for the service fee is the necessary actions caused by the changes in the agreement and the apartment which also include DAS as well as our partner companies.

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