All properties have central heating

and the thermostat-guided radiator valves have been adjusted to a specific position so that the thermostat will maintain a level temperature in the apartment. The surface temperature of the radiators will vary from cold to warm depending on the thermostat control. The tenant may not change the default values of the radiator valves or disconnect the radiator thermostats.

According to studies, the most suitable apartment temperature is +19-21°C. You sleep best in a bit cooler temperature, at approximately +19°C. Lowering the temperature by one degree will save 5-7% in heating energy. The thermostat valve may not be covered by curtains or large pieces of furniture, as the thermostat will stop heating the room and the room will grow colder. An opposite situation is caused by the thermostat cooling off, at which point in time the radiator overheats, causing energy to be wasted. This will increase living expenses and will eventually show up as an increase in your rent.

As the air gets cooler in the autumn, it is common that the tenants complain about coldness and draft in the apartments. DAS buildings are heated with district heat and thermostats adjust the temperature automatically in accordance with the outside temperature. This means that the heating will not be shut down and turned back on again but the thermostat will tell the heating system if the houses and apartments need heating.

The so called heating season in all DAS buildings starts when the average outside temperature during night and day is below +15 ºC …17 ºC. It is common that the air in the apartment feels cool although there is actually the correct recommended temperature of +19 ºC -21°C in the apartments. This is common particularly in the beginning of the heating season when the relative humidity of the air is high because of the season. It takes some time before the structures of the building are fully warm and the relative humidity low.

In DAS apartments there are thermometers and if the temperature sinks below +19 ºC -21°C, please send us a note of fault

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