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The Apartment Card and –Inspection

Check the apartment’s condition immediately after moving to the apartment. The Apartment Card is filled out electronically. You will receive a link to your email in the beginning of the first month of your tenancy through which the card can be filled. If you are to report faults that require maintenance, remember to fill out a separate Note of Fault in the end of the card.

By checking the apartment, you are making sure that you are not responsible for the possible flaws that have been caused by the previous tenant. Be thorough for your own good. In unclear cases, contact DAS Maintenance Service at 020 7699 180.

After you have moved out, DAS Maintenance Service will inspect the apartment. During the last month of your tenancy, you will receive a link to your email through which you can book the final inspection in case you are moving out earlier than on the ending date of your tenancy. The inspection will always be done even if you do not book it through the link. In these cases the inspection is done on the next working day following the ending date of the tenancy as is set by the Finnish Act on Residential Leases.

Please notice that in shared apartments all tenants are in charge of cleaning the shared spaces in the apartment. Upon moving out, the shared areas will be inspected as well and DAS reserves the right to order a cleaning company to clean the shared areas and charge both tenants of the shared apartment if necessary.

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